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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Stressful Week & They Can Blame it On the Full Moon in Leo

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Not in the mood to socialize? Easier said than done during an air-sign season, especially if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of January 30 to February 5, but it all depends on the energy you’re choosing to surround yourself with. It is Aquarius season, after all, so make sure you’re being conscious with your collaborations, and community affairs. Reflect on whether these groups of individuals share similar hopes, dreams and future visions.

The week begins with the moon glimmering through Gemini, bringing emphasis to everything from your communication style to the dynamic of your immediate environment. Luna will also harmonize with the sun on January 31, so if your smartphone is suddenly buzzing with notifications and texts, now you know why. The following day, however, Luna will meet with taskmaster Saturn in a serious trine which could, in turn, trigger feelings of restriction and limitation. Fear not, this truth-telling synergy is here to shed light on your conscious and unconscious inhibitions, namely those surrounding your social collaborations and sense of belonging in the world. We’re all a work in progress, so don’t get in your head about it. Also, if things feel chaotic on February 3, it’s all thanks to an erratic square between the sun and Uranus. Aquarius is already ruled by the change-maker planet, which means there is a double-dose of Uranian energy at play here. Expect the unexpected.

If you’re well-acquainted with the realm of digital, this sudden disruption and/or breakthrough could have something to do with your social media presence, if not a digital currency of sorts. Either way, freedom continues to be a priority. Before the full moon in Leo on February 5, however, Venus will go head-to-head with her divine counterpart, Mars, where themes of fantasy and romance will more than likely clash with the hard facts.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you could have more on your plate than usual this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week

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Slow and steady wins the race, and you resonate with this truth more than anyone. Although, when considering all of the buzz happening at the start of the week—namely a mentally stimulating trine activating your money and career sector—you could be left with no choice but to leave your comfort zone, and get to work. On February 3, while energizing your bossy 10th house of authority, career and reputation in the world, the sun will face off with rebellious Uranus in your sign, creating friction between your public persona vs. your desire to break free from a community, and/or social collaboration.

The following day, your celestial ruler, Venus, will square off with Mars, amidst journeying through your 11th house of co-workers, friendship and extended networks. Conversations surrounding your values and money-making abilities could be triggering, and incompatible with your social surroundings. Although, with the full moon in courageous Leo happening on February 5—via your fourth house of home and emotional foundations—this more than likely revolves around your authenticity, and whether you’re expressing these unique parts of yourself confidently.

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Got a lot on your mind? To say that it’s going to be a busy week would be an understatement, so take it one step at a time without getting ahead of yourself. Luna will be igniting your sixth house of routines and responsibilities, while making a trine with the sun in your stability-seeking second house of values, self-worth and money-making abilities. This can bring insight and results, as long as you are able to detach from expectations surrounding the outcome. Don’t base your sense of self-worth on your productivity levels. In fact, if you’re second-guessing yourself on February 3, it’s likely due to the sun’s square with Uranus.

Erratic and disruptive, you could feel torn between your comfort zone and connection to a particular community, vs. your unique eccentricities and authentic expression. Venus will also face off with Mars the next day, blurring the lines between the truth and your ideals. Are your investments in alignment with your truth? The full moon in Leo on February 4 will touch down on your eighth house of transformation, highlighting everything from the shadow side of your intimate unions to the result of your contributions. If you’re in a superficial entanglement or simply not investing wisely, this lunation could feel like an ego death.

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It could feel as if you’re being tested this week. Luckily, when considering the breezy aspects—between the sun in your sign, and the moon in Gemini—at the start of the week, you will have the necessary clarity and network of connections to get the job done. And though you’re often celebrated for your ingenious qualities and sparkling intellect, you’re still a fixed sign with quite the stubborn outlook. It’d be best to go with the flow on February 2, when the Cancer moon lights up your sixth house of routines, especially since it will also make an aspect to your disruptive planetary ruler, Uranus. Unexpected breakthroughs are likely as are intuitive revelations, so don’t take these sporadic insights for granted.

Tensions will begin to rise on February 3, when the sun faces off with Uranus—via your emotionally fourth house of home, family matters and living spaces—as you could begin feeling torn between the desire to remain true to your individuality vs. the unexpected chaos you’re experiencing in the home-front, or perhaps with regards to your personal life. This, of course, happens a day or so before the full moon in your relationship sector, bringing a significant partnership to fruition, while others of you see something come full-circle in this area of life. For instance, this is where you’re being encouraged to reflect on the dynamic of your connections, and whether the world is in sync with the person you are, or at least with your process of becoming who you are.

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