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Steve G. Lover – What I Do

Let’s go
Young merit shit
I fucked a Kate and Mary it
See on my bag but see I’m strong enough to carry it
The flow is serious and all you suckas be hilarious
Lifestyle fly and my occupation be various
A couple killer bitches like I hang with Jody Areas
All black whip the same color with my heritage
That’s right put some rims on that motherfucker
Got the window yeah low for the whole summer
Riding with my nigga Kels
Shawty we the bang brothers
Got so many bitches, man I gotta change numbers
Foreign girl just hit me up no wonder its a strange number
Gin and tonic yo I mixed that with the cucumber
Gripin for [?]
We the shit man get a plunger
Yeah I’m posted up In Venice Beach I’m smoking up
Classy nigga in the tank I never had to rock a tux
But even when I ride the bus
I’m up and up and coming up
Newcomers trying to see the day that niggas come for us
Got chronic leave the club with us
While shopping [?]
Groupies swear we the shit I told them yo we number 1
Five eye twenty stack chips, get money, die rich, leave something
Find a bitch love someone, give back, take nothing, buck wild, break something, roll up, base something, shine bright straight stunting
And good whole foods show the [?] 800
Got a party at the crib in case the club ain’t jumping
‘Cause the club ain’t jumping unless my mixtape bumping nigga
Five eye twenty stack chips, get money, die rich
Five eye twenty stack chips, get money, die rich