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Second day out – Tee Grizzley lyrics

Lyrics Tee Grizzley – Second day out

Can’t let these niggas hold me back
I can’t let ’em hold, I won’t let ’em hold me.
Won’t let these niggas hold
Can’t let ’em hold me, I won’t let ’em hold me
Said I’ma touch a million, it’s gon’ get done
I know I can do it, I know I’ma do it
‘Cause when y’all sleep, a nigga gon’ be up
When y’all sleep, a nigga gon’ be woke. (x2)(second day out)

Fresh outta prison, ain’t no more excuses.
Back in position, it’s time tot get to it.
I wasn’t even supposed to smash the Rollies.
But bro was ttaking too long to do it.
Drop me a cuban, ’cause beef hold the jewelry.
I found me a cuban, but not at the Jeweler
Glock with the Rollie, A.P. with uzi.
We start beefin monday, you not seeing tuesday.
10 bands for a feature
Watch the niggas tha ain’t got it talk sh*t.
Can’t come up with 10, you live on this earth.

Get on a spaceship and get off of this b*tch.
Missed a few summers, but I ain’t missed nothin’
And shit niggas did, I did all of that sh*t.
Stack the drum on that yap stick.
Nigga you’ll catch everything off off that b*tch.
Like you gotta kill me, I can’t let you hold me, ayy.
It’s niggas that hate me and don’t even know me ayy!
I know some niggas that got killed tryna kill me aye!
Never made the Olympics, this Rollie my trophy.
Before I go I’ma shoot 60, I’m Kobe.
Nigga I’m solid, I been through that fire.
Been tested lke gold.
Lost pops, and was heart broke.
That’s that sh*t I go hard for 30 stacks worth of dog food.
Can’t feed this sh*t to the dog though.
Before I made parole, I had a big knife.
B*tch was on me every time yard broke.

I can’t let ’em hold me, I won’t let them hold me.
Laid back, I’m a dog though
Really got stacks on deck nigga.
Really got killers on Carrboro.
Still it’s good on sight niggas
Be with all b*tches, I don’t like niggas.
K clip take 100 shots, I got lazy only put 90 in it like frruh, uh
I been promised and I always preform.
Went outside the norm
Ran it up out them Msu dorms.
Before you tell me you loyal.
Make sure you know the meaning
Before you go out and do crime.
My nigga make sure you can sit for them seasons.
Tee Grizzley lyrics
Video out

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