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Russ – The Journey

Yeah, ooh
The hotel room, always workin’
Yeah, yeah

Out in California countin’ up my blessings
Only 24 with a multi million dollar pension
Off my catalogue
That’s ’cause I’m a don like Cheadle
‘Cause I’m on
And I got more songs than the Beatles, woah
That’s a stretch?
Yeah, I guess
But you get the jist
Laughin’ at the skeptics ’cause
I always knew I’d get this rich
Family knew and Bugus knew
That’s probably about it
Quicker you come in the game
The quicker you go out it
Y’all ain’t really ’bout shit
Y’all ain’t got no substance
Yea I heard your little viral song
Some fun, dumb shit
Some one month shit
You’re a seasonal rapper
You a bitch the world fucks
‘Cause we leavin you after
Don’t hit my phone with some stupid shit
That’s not why I gave you my new number, you stupid bitch
Delete and block you
I don’t have to, but I want to
I’m just trimming the fat
Haters drowning in doubt
Meanwhile I’m swimming in cash
I was never cool with y’all, don’t try to link up now
Cuz my train left the station, but it’s a brink’s truck now
I switch up styles
Like I was dating Badu
It’s common to hate on the truth
I’m carving my name on the roof of
Hip Hop then breakin on through
To the otherside like Jim Morrison
Guzzlin’ gin wondering if I drink more than him
Scary thought
I got the juice like Barry Bonds
I ain’t tryna blend in like white kids with sperrys on
You’re faker than these rappers who keep tryna claim indie
Major connections millions behind you
You’re not indie
Get offended, then I got you by Hip-Hops’ collar
‘Cause Bugus told me that only a hit-dog hollers
Top dollars what they pay me for the flows now-a-days
Free weed, free women, free clothes now-a-days
All we got is time, so my time is my investor
I’m single, so I save money and live better
I need my plaques advanced
Tell the RIAA
Underrated and overlooked
Yes but never underpaid
Blew up off the web like Peter Parker
Went from flying 32F
To private jets getting chartered
This is my departure
Use to think it was delayed
‘Till I let go of the wheel and let my faith fly my plane
That’s when I started taking off
Millions in my bank account
Manifested everything
Became what I would think about
20,000 dollars for the show is what I’m making now
And that’s just the guarantee
Before the merch and meet and greets
And that’s only accurate as of today
I’m St. Louis with my hoes fly ’em back to LA
That’s when I’m there ’cause really lately I’ve been all over
Studios my gym I lift my family up I’m all shoulders
I fall forward I don’t ever fail
I went from past due bills
To 50 bands I’m getting better mail
Every sale I make I keep 100%
I put in overtime cuz momma owes 100 in debt
That’s low ballin’
No calling my phone I’m in Greece
Self pressures at my neck
Aegean Sea at my feet
Took my mom around the world
My bucket list is ever changing
Women wet on arrival fuckin’ chicks is better famous
I’m poppin from the Southside to the Sudan
This time last year mom applied for a food stamps yeah
And now it’s Michelin star restaurants in every country new guala
The only one in the whole place below 40 with two commas
I Love the way I did it
Can’t nobody tell me shit
‘Cause ain’t nobody make me hot
And ain’t nobody make me rich
Hope that cash that your flashings been provisioned for your taxes
‘Cause the IRS is watching
Flossing could be problematic
You should chill, act like you’ve seen some money before
I can’t date a chick that’s never left the country before
So take your bra off, put your hair up
Put my hoodie on
Eyes are windows to the soul
Yours say "put me on"
I got you baby every morning like I’m mark McGrath
And your body and my hands is my next collab
I’m texting back but not enough because my life is popping
You hop from dude to dude and club to club
I’m island hoppin’
Reminiscin’ back before I had one track
Back when I would put a half a gram in blunt wraps
When me and Bugus got so high before our graduation
I think I got too high, I don’t remember graduatin’
Laughing thinking fuck diplomas I got plaques now
Use to celebrate 1,000 plays looking back now
I realize that the journey is everything
There ain’t no destination man the journey is everything
Looking back I realize the journey is everything
Ain’t no destination man the journey is everything

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