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Rick Ross – Summer 17 Lyrics

You scared to die nigga?
Open your eyes wide

[Verse 1:]
Im [?] so i [?]
All the dope boys say they wanna be me
I got a lick boy, I got a lick
2017 trust me this one is it
I used to smoke the weed until my fingers burn
Pool of bitches fucking me, I got em’ taking turns
My nigga bought the stick but you wanna fade
May runnin’ in the bank a residential thing
All my niggas mad they like fuck the world
Back to standin’ on the Ave with a couple birds
If you a killer well I’m tryna see
Cause calling the police is the only thing free
I had to park that purple lamborghini
And pull that chevy back on out the [?]
I’m from the city where they kill for nothin’
And all Renzel do is push a button

I want my niggas rich by summer 17
I want my niggas rich by summer 17
I want my niggas rich by summer 17
I want my niggas rich by summer 17

[Verse 2:]
I pulled my pistol then I say my name
I know you scared but repeat your game
You off to hell when you see them flames
Now pray for me cause I had did some things
You know my necklaces aren’t sittin in the draw
Im livin reckless and it never stop
Thats why im beefin’ with a nigga that live right up the block
A body fall I might just [?]
Your moneys gone thats why im runnin’ round
They put my rhymes in the New York times
[Currently Annotating]

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