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North Node Meaning in Astrology: Discover Your Destiny & Life Purpose Using Your Birth Chart

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We were all born to accomplish something great in this life. However, your true purpose may not be immediately evident. It takes many of us time and a lot of trial and error before we figure out what we’re meant to be doing with our time here on Earth. Luckily, looking into the meaning of the North Node is like a short-cut to discovering and understanding your soul purpose. After all, it gives you a glimpse of what you came here to master.

Everyone’s birth chart contains something called the Lunar Nodes, which represent the highest and lowest points of the moon’s orbit (where the moon’s orbital path crosses the sun’s orbital path, otherwise known as the “ecliptic”). And while the highest point—the North Node—guides you toward your ultimate destiny, the lowest point—the South Node—tells the story of your soul’s history. In other words, the North Node describes what you’re meant to accomplish in this life while your South Node represents what you’re still carrying with you from past lives.

Your soul purpose is incredibly unique and specific to your karmic journey, which is why the cosmos have a very different understanding of success than we do. Some of us were born to change the world and make a name for ourselves. Some of us were simply born to make living in it a little better. Either way, your spiritual mission is meaningful and necessary. Often, the purpose of your current incarnation is directly connected to what happened during your past lives, which are represented by your South Node. If you’ve spent most of your past lives mastering a certain aspect of life, you will likely incarnate in the hopes of stepping out of your comfort zone and balancing out your karma by making different choices.

With that being said, the North Node is not something you need to follow or focus on working toward. Your destiny is imminent regardless of your planning or preparedness, and during a Lunar or Solar Eclipse, it get’s activated. Because the North Node and South Node are directly tied to the changes that occur during eclipse season, you can have faith that your purpose has always been promised to you.

In order to get the full scope of your destiny and life purpose, you also need to take the astrological house of your North Node into consideration. You should also look for any aspects your North Node may be forming with other planets in your birth chart. Before I digress any further, here’s what you were destined to accomplish in this life, according to the zodiac sign of your North Node:

How To Find Your North Node & Discover Your Destiny

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North Node in Aries

Don’t you dare settle for being in someone else’s shadow, because you came here to shine in your glory and independence. Because your South Node is in harmonious and partnership-oriented Libra, you spent many of your past lives compromising your dreams and desires for the sake of keeping the peace or tending to your partner’s needs. You came to this life to learn how to stand on your own two-feet; to assert your dominance and have the guts to take up space. There’s a good change you spent your early childhood finding it hard to stand up for yourself and own your power. That’s why you should always be taking the opportunity to voice your opinion and face conflict head-on. As a North Node in Aries, you’re here to learn how to say “I” with confidence, because your thoughts matter, even if it disrupts the energy in the room.

As a North Node in Aries, you could easily become a great leader. You could also be a successful solo artist, independent contractor or the face of your own brand. You were meant to be seen and recognized for your own personal talents. It’s time to stop allowing people to take credit for your work.

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North Node in Taurus

You were born to create a beautiful, content and stable life for yourself from the ground-up. As a North Node in Taurus, your destiny lies in pulling up your bootstraps and building a life for yourself. Instead of living life on someone else’s terms, you’re here to learn how to become financially independent and self-sufficient. You’ve spend many of your previous lifetimes dealing with loss in all its many forms, especially when it comes to money, love and relationships. As a South Node in Scorpio, your past lives may have involved family members, lovers or spouses that felt entitled to your time, energy and resources. You may feel used to people infringing on your boundaries and convincing you to give up your liberty for the sake of security.

As a North Node in Taurus, you’re here to set yourself free from unhealthy energetic attachments by learning how to provide for yourself. You have the power to become extremely wealthy in this life, especially if you’re willing to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get the job done. Your efforts have a direct impact on your bank account.

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North Node in Gemini

If you were born with your North Node in Gemini, you came here to learn how to be human a little more effectively. Let’s not forget that Gemini is the only zodiac sign that is symbolically represented by people (the “twins”). In astrology, Gemini rules over local affairs, close friends and neighborhoods which is why North Node in Gemini folk spend much of their life learning where they want to settle down and how they can make an impact on their local community. Because your South Node is in Sagittarius, your past lives may have taken you to distant lands and encouraged travel to faraway places. You may have been a teacher, a philosopher or an explorer; someone who wanted to see the world. Now, you’re ready to stop being a migrant and to start being a more prominent presence in your own town.

If you’re a North Node in Gemini, you’re destined to become someone who’s known for their public speaking, their social life and their ability to express the unexpressable. However, that doesn’t always mean communication has been your strong suit, because North Node in Gemini folk have to learn how to communicate in a way that makes sense and to stop pivoting to “big-picture thinking” when the details feel too complex to process. Slow it down and simplify the logistics.

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North Node in Cancer

In this life, you were meant to embrace your more emotional, feminine and maternal side. As a Cancer North Node, you were born to experience the feeling of truly caring for someone and being cared for in return; of building and nurturing the home you’ve always deserved. Because you were born with your South Node in Capricorn, your past lives may have involved a lot of heavy-lifting, protecting and executing. You may have spent many lifetimes being the provider of the family, which caused you to compartmentalize your emotions in order to acquire wealth, protect your assets and get the job done. As a result, working hard is something that comes naturally to you. It may even be your instinct to work hard and stick to the corporate grind, because you’re already so good at it.

However, if you’re a North Node in Cancer, your soul is learning how to master something different than success and elevated public standing. Instead, you’re craving a deeper connection with your roots, a beautiful family unit, genuinely heartfelt friendships and the feeling of your heart becoming bigger and bigger in size.

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North Node in Leo

Congrats! If you were born with your North Node in Leo, your entire life assignment is to simply enjoy yourself, be confident and have fun. It’s that simple! And yet, it’s so complicated that you require an entire lifetime to actually learn out how to do it. Because your South Node is in Aquarius, you’ve spent many of your past lives setting your needs aside for the sake of others. You’ve chosen the good of the collective over what’s good for you far too many times. You may have been a kind-hearted and revolutionary humanitarian, but choosing that life path forced you to set aside your own dreams for the sake of something larger than yourself. Now, you’re ready for the revolution that lies within, because this life is all about healing and freeing your inner child.

That’s why there’s no need to feel guilty every time something good happens to you. After all, you were born with your North Node in Leo, which means you’re destined for a life filled with art, romance and self-expression. Kim Kardashian’s North Node is in Leo, so keep that one in your back pocket. You have so much potential to become famous or to push artistic boundaries in a way that makes your life and legacy unforgettable. Be you, darling. That’s all there is to it.

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North Node in Virgo

If your North Node is in Virgo, you came to this life to become as grounded, hard-working and useful as you can possibly be. Virgo is the zodiac sign of service, encouraging you to take on roles that fix the errors of society and heal the wounds that have begun to fester. You could easily become a nurse or a caretaker, but you could also become a scientist, an editor, a technician and an inventor. Regardless of what you accomplish, you will be filling an important need for society in a way that is practical and meaningful on a physical level.

However, being in the here and now is not always easy for you. With your South Node in Pisces, you’ve spent many of your past lives pushing the limits of your spirituality and reaching high levels of psychic awareness. Your intrinsic connection with the spirit world can make you someone who is dreamy, imaginative and idealistic; someone who would rather focus on what could be than what actually is. Because your North Node is in Virgo, this life is all about learning how to find balance between your spiritual manifestations and your physical ones. In other words, daydreaming about your accomplishments is great, but actually working hard to achieve them is even better.

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North Node in Libra

As a North Node in Libra, you came to this life to learn how to be a better partner, friend and lover. Your relationships will likely be the most significant aspect of your life, especially if your relationship pushes you out of your comfort zone or teaches you the value of teamwork. Because you were born with your South Node in Aries, you’ve spent many of your past lives on your own. You were likely someone who stood alone as a leader who could not relate to others. You may have been somewhat of a lone wolf or a rogue shark; someone who may have even made selfish and avoidant decisions that prevented you from forming healthy bonds with others.

Instead of pivoting to the comfort and familiarity of being on your own, you’re ready to make compromises for the sake of someone else’s needs. You were born with the desire of loving, caring for and/or working with someone through all the difficulties and ups and downs of life. Prepare for your long-term relationships—particularly your marriage and/or business partnerships—to be a major source of your excitement in life.

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North Node in Scorpio

You came to this life to solve the mysteries of the Universe. Why else would you be born while the North Node was moving through Scorpio? This spiritual and transformative zodiac sign is all about penetrating deeper and going beyond the bounds of physical and/or material reality. That means you require more than just money and security in order to feel happy. You want something more powerful; something that gives you a deeper sense of control over your time and how you use it. Because you were born with your South Node in Taurus, your past lives granted you wealth and access, which means you’ve mastered what it means to have financial stability and proximity to luxury. Now? Your soul is a little bored of focusing solely on material pleasures. You’ve been there, done that.

As someone with a North Node in Scorpio, you were born with the desire to live, love and lose. You’re here to work to live rather than live to work. You may spend your life making investments and gambles of both a financial and emotional nature. These investments will teach you the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. The North Node is encouraging you to take a chance on something grand; to open your heart to something—or someone—because the fall is worth the risk.

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North Node in Sagittarius

Are you ready to see the world? Are you prepared to spread your philosophies far and wide? Get ready for a life of exploring the great beyond, because you were born while the North Node was in Sagittarius. This mutable fire sign is all about the world, the big picture and the collective message. That’s why so much of this life is about stepping out of your comfort zone, taking trips away from your hometown and actually seeing what the rest of the world has to offer. Because your South Node is in Gemini, you may have spent many of your past lives dominating the social scene in your hometown. You likely have had many friends and taken part of many local projects or perhaps even participated in politics. However, it also means you’re used to getting mixed up into drama that isn’t yours to deal with and getting bogged down by the affairs of your local community and the sordid details that continually waste your time.

In this life, you’re finding the courage to bring big ideas to the table and pushing the limits of the conversation. You may be someone who’s way ahead of their time and that’s perfectly OK. While your South Node in Gemini may pivot to saying what you think others what to hear, your North Node in Sagittarius wants you to probe people’s imaginations and encourage them to embrace a more open mind. Don’t be afraid of being controversial.

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North Node in Capricorn

Get ready to work hard and to rise up the ranks, because you were born while the North Node was moving through Capricorn. This disciplined and ambitious zodiac sign is guiding you toward becoming the provider and protector; someone who can get the job done and excel as a leader, especially when it comes to the career and business world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to see yourself as a dominating force in the public realm. Because your South Node is in Cancer, you’ve likely spent many of your past lives being a caretaker, a wife, a mother or a nurturer. That’s why people feel so comfortable around you and consider you such a calming presence. However, you’re tired of just being someone’s mommy, because you know you’re capable of that and so much more.

If you were born with your North Node in Capricorn, you have so much potential for extreme career success. However, it may take you this entire lifetime before you reach the success that was always destined to be yours. People born with their North Node in Capricorn can be late bloomers, but the most beautiful and expensive rose arrives once they finally do.

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North Node in Aquarius

You were born with an important spiritual mission if your North Node is in Aquarius. This zodiac sign is all about shaking up the status quo and bringing the power back to the people, which means you’re destined to change the world for the better! In your past lives, you spent a lot of time working on loving yourself. As a South Node in Leo, confidence and glamour come naturally to you, as you’ve spent many of your past lives as famous people who were highly beloved and well sought-after. Self-gratification feels great, but you’re ready to accomplish something deeper in this lifetime. You’re ready to let go of extravagance, arrogance and self-serving behavior, because your whole life purpose is about bringing up others and encouraging people to come together and cultivate a future that works for all of us.

As a North Node in Aquarius, you could easily become a revolutionary, a great leader, a representative for the people or a trendsetter in the media. You could take on a role that allows you to be a conduit for positive change for society and the collective as whole. Go for it, because the rest of us are counting on you to create a world we actually want to live in.

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North Node in Pisces

If you’re a North Node in Pisces, you may be somewhat afraid of things that don’t immediately make sense. You may initially feel hesitant to believe in things that defy logic and don’t have hard evidence to support it. Because your South Node is in Virgo, you’ve spent many of your previous lifetimes learning how to focus on the facts. Common sense comes naturally to you, because you’ve spent your past lives being someone who fixes problems on a physical and rational level. When someone wants a practical solution, they come to you. However, you weren’t born to be someone’s problem solver. Instead, you chose this life so that you could learn how to be someone’s shoulder to cry on. You’re not here to fix the issue, but to learn how to accept it for what it is.

As a North Node in Pisces, you were born to embrace the fullest extent of your love and spirituality. You may grown up having heartbreaking experiences or paranormal occurrences that have haunted and mystified you ever since. And yet, trying to make sense of these experiences has not brought you answers, because finding answers is not necessarily the point in this life . Embracing your intuition is. Accepting what you can and cannot change is. In this life, you have all the potential of becoming a masterful spiritual healer, a groundbreaking artist and a seeker of truth in the great beyond. You are meant to become a bridge between this world and the next.

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