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Kodak Black – Deep In These Streets (Institution Mixtape) letras

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
I ain’t gone sugarcoat nothing
Imma tell you times when I was up
Imma tell you times when I was struggling
When I was starving for that cash
Say I was money hungry
On my ass down bad
I need little food in my stomach
When I be rapping they love it
But I’m out here snapping like fuck it
Keep my head on a swivel
And keep my mind of that money
I ain’t worried bout that fame
I fell in love with the game
She be giving me head
I fell in love with her brain
I got love for my n*ggas
I know they love me the same
When I was going through my struggle
A couple of them changed
It’s okay I’m straight
Cause I can hold up my weight
I was locked up in my cell
Had everything on wait
I’m on 1800 block n*gga shouts out [Bake]
Once the road got bumpy
N*ggas went the other way!
Everybody forsake me
Ain’t no need for debating
I was showing love to n*ggas
When I knew they was hating
Is it true or you faking?
I was gone on vacation
Now I’m back off vacation
And I’m like fuck n*gga pay me
Gotta think before you speak
Cause you don’t know what you saying
Started of with a baby
Now I’m riding on daytons
I can’t lose I’m just gaining
Once you sleeping I’m waking
You know I love 38s
But I still tote the 380
I’m a project baby
I’m tryna hit the suburbs
I’m tired of looking over my shoulder
Posted up on the curb
Posted up tryna serve
You wasn’t there
You just heard
I be going with the flow
I just look back and observe
Got a trick up my sleeves
I got a lick for them D’s
Got your bitch on her knees
She suck my dick with no teeth
I say Momma I can’t swim
But I’m knee deep in these streets
I’m like fuck the industry
Because I’m deep in these streets