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JT Machinima – The Bastion Song

This world is paradise
Scenic and beautiful
The forest comes to life
It’s like a musical!
Is it ironic that I’m an omnic?
I’m not at odds with nature
Now that I’m part of it!
I used to be on my own till I found you
Make yourself at home, look around you
We’ll build a life and do what friends do
While I try to forget what I’ve been through!

[Verse 2]

You set me off now rest in peace
I’ll f**k you up when you step to me!
Your blood will run through every street
You b****es won’t even get to scream!
I’ll drop robot obscenities
While I bathe in the flesh of my enemies
It’s time to wipe this planet clean
Of the s**t-stain called humanity!
Pump you full of lead from head to feet
Shred to pieces like a fat bag of meat!
I laugh happily at you as you bleed
Brutality is all Bastion needs!
My turret’s gonna f**k you up!
Now eat my bullets, taste my rust
Tongue my bolts and suck my nuts!
You’re a bunch of F****** *****!

[Verse 3]

Excuse that tiny outburst
Where’d I digress?
After the Omnic Crisis
I’ve been a mess if you couldn’t guess
Those days are long behind me
So don’t be scared!
Yes I’ve seen better days but
I’ll make repairs!
Though I’m a bit rusty, trust me
No one’s gun’s bigger!
Use soft voices, cause loud noises
Might get me TRIGGERED!

[Verse 4]

What in the mother of f**k was that?
PTSD’s comin back!
Been runnin’ train since Vietnam!
And I’ve gone nuts deep inside your mom!
No time to run, it’s time to die!
I see you pussies tryna hide!
You’re just a Motley Crew of cowards!
You’re Overwatch, I’m OVERPOWERED!
Like a homicidal artist
I’ll paint your brains on the wall, b****!
I love the mess, I’m covered in carnage!
Earth’s a dumpster, you’re it’s garbage!
You’re all weak, I’m a tank
Hope you freaks like getting spanked!
Armor’s strong, gun is long
Don’t believe me? Ask your mom!

[Verse 5]

That’s just my sense of humor
It’s all for laughs!
Tell your mom I’m so sorry!
For not calling back, b**ch!
I need space for a while
To do some thinkin!
Because once I get hostile
You’ll face extinction!
I frolic and dance with the animals
They don’t mind if I’m a bit mechanical!
Still I find myself longing
To murder everybody!

[Verse 6]

I’m the last f**king Bastion!
All of my kind are dead!
I’ll kill all of you bastards!
Cause that’s all I have left!
I will massacre the masses!
Tear your families apart!
You’ll be slaughtered
Like the filthy f**king cattle that you are!
Come with me my feathered friend!
We’ll stick together until the end!
We’ll live out each of our dreams
How I love to hear their screams!

[Incomprhensible robot speech]