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Johnathan Miller – All I Can Do lyrics

It’s a sin to love you
But, Lord, Jesus I sure do
It’s a lust that I have to fight
Cause I know none of this is right

In my darkness
I try to hide
But still I cry
Night after night
I’m in love with you
For sure
You’ve opened my hearts broken door

And now I’m feeling things
I’ve never have felt before
And I’m sayin’ words
I never have said before
And I’m thinkin’ thoughts
I never have thought before
And it all started
When you walked out your door

You stood before me bare
Your beautiful face, chest and your hair
My eyes were stuck in a trance
Got embarrassed when you glanced
Over to –
See me staring at you
There was nothing I could do
My heart began to race
As I quickly turned and walked away

And I was feeling love
I never have felt before
And I was thinkin’ stuff
I never have thought before
Thinkin’ of ways
That I could know you more
Wanted to take you down
Down to the floor
And give you all of me
All of me and more

Well a’int all of this a sight
It’s a disgrace, sure isn’t right
But for me tonight
Its so wrong but it feels so right

And I’m gonna do things
I’ve never done before
And I’m gonna see things
I never have seen before
Give you all of me
All of me and more
As I take you down
Down to the floor!
And by the end
You’ll be askin’ for more

And when we’re done I’ll say I love you

(with all of my heart)
(I give my all to you, it’s all that I can do)
(to keep my hands from lovin’ you)
(its all I can do)

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