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Jidenna – BET Cypher

[Intro: Jidenna]
Primo, you ready to set it off?

[Verse 1: Aaron Cooks]
Yellow lives matters
Yellow God, nappy head trapper
Mack daddy, daddy macker
Criss cross with the wrist, I whip backwards
I walk on water in black Louie
Scoop some up in a pot and get back to it
The light skin Makavelli [?]
Valentino Nino sipping pinot, kilos in his Chevy
I turn your favorite rapper to Casper
Take his blood and make a masterpiece disaster
How you master the pieces
When you don’t own a piece of your master lil’ nigga
You gotta pardon me fam
But you was talking like you had a whole [?]
Only pennies I ever needed was Janet
Feds at the door, more [?]
[Verse 2: 3D Na’Tee]
I know you heard of me
Fine as a bitch and got more bras than Bourbon Street, without surgery
See I’m a [?]
Bring me a [?] I cook like a Jamaican thief
See every year when I don’t get an award it’s such a sad reminder
That I get robbed like Blac Chyna
With no ghostwriter, shout out to Drake though
I ball out like OG Maco
Play close attention cause I’m the savior
For y’all chasing Pokémon, I be chasing paper, without a major
While y’all tearing on every silicone clone for four summers
My flow been dumb as Raven-Symone
Like BIG and ‘Pac in a female body, I body all of you
Cause I’m an author, and I’m smarter
My IQ higher than Barack daughter
Why you let them labels rape you like Darren Sharper?
The game know ain’t no rap chick harder
Than 3D Na’Tee

[Verse 3: Rain 910]
Y’all hating for nothing, well it’s equal
Got a brother that I look just like, that I don’t speak to
What makes you think you have an opinion that I care for?
Got to take it in vain from here on
That’s [?] when he’s the topic you gon’ have to read about it
Sergio Tacchini sweatsuits and [?] watches
[?] at the bottom of every bottle of [?]
Sweety it won’t be easy to leave me but keep it rocking
Never did he mean to be greedy, just needed options
It’s different pictures from different nights, it just lead to gossip
The seat is toxic, and I never needed your love
Never needed your trust, it’s just me and my drugs
This deuce is for [?], this fo’ is for [?]
It’s aces for [?], sip slow, go with the flow
This is why I always end up where there’s nowhere to go
Shit, alone on this road, it’s cold on these slopes
If I overdose right now, no one’ll know
Don’t erase that I know what I wrote
It doesn’t show when I sow
And I don’t give a fuck if nobody feel me
It’ll take a whole army to kill me

[Verse 4: Consequence]
[?] I ain’t got no time for flee markets
A chick get with me it’s like she land free on parking
Read about me, better hit the mean market
Cause in these streets homie, we ain’t ’bout talking
Cause back when Stevie had bees like Venus
And back when Venus had bees like [?]
I was in the MPV with Irv Gotti
Hoping one day we both be in Ferraris
Just like safari, moving neck after neck
But that’s the consequences of the lifestyle you pick
Been with the shit, I was raised for the revolution
Cause I’m a Black Panther like Cam Newton
Support this on your [?] now
Cause like Usain I can’t be beaten on a track
And you can’t be seen, thinking you eating off of rap
And he yada yada yelling “Yo Cons’ is back”, uh
It’s the Cons’ fool, word

[Verse 5: Jidenna]
Here go the black Abe Lincoln, half Blake Griffin
Amish man who stay pimping, game straight women
Or maybe he doesn’t date women but he stay primping
Looking like a Muslim leader with 88 children
They still tryna feel Jidenna out though
Is he that Uncle Tom whiter than the South Pole?
A field nigga that can wiggle with a [?]
On the line like I wiggle where the [?]
Eh, these rappers all copy
They lie to the world like Ryan Lochte
Yeah I’m in the White House on occasion
In the gentlemen’s club on occasion
But it’s way too many dollars in that fake ass bubble
Man I call that inflation
I guess fake is the new real
And everyday I’m tryna daze on a new pill
They see collard greens are the new kill
Well money talks, and nigga sales