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Hailey Bieber & Gwyneth Paltrow’s Favorite Skincare Brand Has A Shockingly Good Promo Deal Going On RN

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When it comes to beauty, fashion and wellness, there are a few people that we turn to the most for recommendations and inspiration. Among the best: Hailey Bieber and Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean, one of them practically invented modern-day street style, and the other takes health and organics to a level we never thought possible. So, the fact that these two phenoms have similar taste in skincare is reason enough for us to do the same. And the fact that the brand they both love is Skinceuticals makes it even easier.

See, Hailey and Gwyneth are among the many celebs who have praised Skinceuticals’ famous C E Ferulic Serum (you know, the one that always tops the lists of best vitamin C serum articles). We’re not in the least bit shocked by this—after all, it is one of the best skincare products your money can buy… which might be why it costs $166.

This holy grail staple isn’t the only thing worth buying from Skinceuticals. Not by a long shot. The brand is praised for everything from its acne-fighting blemish defense offerings as well as its anti-aging creams. But, these rarely go on sale, and when they do it’s only for a discount of about 10 to 20 percent. But, here’s a little-known secret that skincare obsessives try to keep to themselves: The best Skinceuticals deals come in the form of promos—and right now, there’s one you’ve got to take advantage of.

For every $170 you spend at Skinceuticals, you’ll receive two (two!!) deluxe (deluxe!!) samples of the brand’s Triple-R Neck Repair and its Resveratrol B E. Together, these two products would typically cost you $273 total. Yowza. All you have to do to receive this jaw-dropping offer is enter promo code ANTIAGING at checkout. If only everything in life were this easy.

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Now, why would you want the deluxe samples of the neck and antioxidant night cream? Well, because they’re the crem de la crem of anti-aging products, of course. The Triple-R Neck Repair is a rare retinol cream that’s specifically made to be used on the neck. It targets those neck lines and wrinkles that are so hard to get rid of and tightens up the area so that they’re less noticeable. One shopper said it creates an “amazing change that is noticeable after a few days.” And the Resveratrol B E is just as impressive. The night cream works to boost your skin’s antioxidant defense system to enhance both the firmness and the radiance of your skin (all while you’re sleeping). One shopper said it “makes my skin feel like a layer of velvet has just been applied, and the next morning, it’s still soft.” 

So, now what you’re familiar with the two deluxe samples you could get with this deal, onto what you should buy. We rounded up a few of our favorite Skinceuticals products that are worth every penny (and, of course, included the Bieber and Paltrow-approved vitamin C serum in the mix). Check them out below. Happy savings!

Courtesy of Skinceuticals.

C E Ferulic Acid

Why is this $166 vitamin C serum at the top of every best skincare list out there? Because unlike other vitamin C serums that typically go bad after three months (read your product labels, people), this one stays fresh for half a year. The unique blend of  L-ascorbic acid, percent vitamin E and ferulic acid combine to fight off environmental pollutants from wreaking havoc on your skin, while also diminishing signs of aging. According to the brand, it’s “proven to reduce combined oxidative damage generated by UVA/UVB rays, ozone pollution, and diesel engine exhaust by up to 41 percent.”

So basically it’s an ozone layer and a time machine for your skin.

“Makes serious changes in your skin,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “After four kids and more than four decades, I’m loving this product to make my skin look fresh and dewy.”

C E Ferulic Acid $166

Buy Now

Courtesy of Skinceuticals.

A.G.E. Eye Complex for Dark Circles

If under-eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness are major concerns for you, this eye complex should be on your short list for must-have products. It brightens up your skin without drying out the sensitive area. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use a few times a day.

“This is quite literally my holy grail product,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I have tried countless other eye cream products—as a skincare junkie, I have spent high and low. This Skinceuticals product indeed is worth the price in my opinion … As a new mom, lack of sleep, stress and over consumption of coffee surely do not help my dark circles but thanks to this awesome eye cream.”

A.G.E. Eye Complex for Dark Circles $100

Buy Now

Courtesy of Skinceuticals.

Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

Does your skin look like it could use a gallon of water? Give it the hydration it needs with this hyaluronic acid serum that’s proven to amplify your skin’s HA levels by 30 percent, per the brand. When this is added to your skincare regimen, you’ll see how much plumper your face can look. It’s so beneficial that surgeons recommend that filler patients use it post-surgery to enhance their results.

“It’s done wonders on my skin with texture, fine lines, smoothness, plumpness to my skin,” wrote one reviewer. “My neighbor just saw me and asked what products am I using because my skin looks so great!”

Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier $102

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Courtesy: Skinceuticals.

Blemish + Age Defense

The Blemish + Age Defense serum is formulated with salicylic acid to reduce your sebum production (the pore-clogging oil) while also cleaning our your pores. It dries out whiteheads and kicks black heads to the curb without leaving my skin feeling rough and patchy. If you suffer from deep, cystic acne, this product will very likely be your saving grace—it is for me. Even for people who just experience a gnarly zit every so often, this should be in your arsenal.

“Whenever I am having a major breakout this is always my go-to,” wrote one reviewer. “I’ve used this product for over a year and it always gets the trick done and you don’t need a lot.”

Blemish + Age Defense Serum $92

Buy Now

Courtesy of Skinceuticals.

Retinol 0.5

On the hunt for the best retinol your money can buy? Check this one out. It has 0.5 percent pure retinol and is designed to diminish the look of your fine likes, wrinkles or discolored patches. It boosts cell turnover to treat dark spots, blemishes and pores, too.

Retinol 0.5 $76

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