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Fozzey & VanC – Perfect Couple Part III

[Verse: Fozzey]
I got some demons you can’t see
This is part story, part me
I’ve been holdin’ out to say
Welcome to part three
Newfound lovers in the honeymoon phase
Forever wakin’ up to sunny new days
Money’s money, they don’t care who pays
They don’t have a plan, but they’ve got a few made
Yeah, same path, both looking for a fresh start
The past is the past, no matter how messed up
Forgot his ex in a minute, gettin’ dressed up
But he ain’t slept for weeks though, it’s time for hime to rest up
Anyway, they were on a date night
Things were moving pretty fast, they should probably wait right
Even in the heaviest turbulence, heaviest turbulence
They were a safe flight
So engulfed when the sheets are creasin’
In-between those they just keep their secrets
They believed in magic, became different creatures
So in awe of each other they could list the features damn
Then time intervened
And forged a wedge right in-between
Kinda like in a dream, such a nightmare it seemed
Not a man in this world gets as freigtened as, he
Two lines, she was pregnant
Anyone his age would’ve ran for the exit
But he chose to stay, man up and accept it
But love ain’t a currency the banks are acceptin’
Who’s he tryna kill himself
He’s only twenty, still a kid himself
Just payin’ for the things he did himself
And lovin’ her didn’t help
Tried to open up and say it all
But he really has no say at all
She’s already booked it in, she made the call
Ain’t no one around him to break the fall
Another life meaningless see
Face a different kind of water, get PTSD
He begged her to stay like, “Please accept me”
But she just liked to leave him empty
Tell me how’s that not post-traumatic
Now he’s just a broken addict
Depression’ll kill you if you don’t combat it
Depression’ll kill you if you don’t combat it
Yeah, ‘Dear little one, I think about you every day
I can never muster up the words I’ll never get to say
I rewrote this song a million times and I just let it play
I just hope you’re in a better place
Wonder what colour your eyes are
I wished your mother was wiser
Faked happy for a while, I’ve got a disguise up
To this day still got that disguise up
I’ll never see your first steps
Hear your first laugh or hear your first breath
I’ve tried it all to see if it hurts less, but
That’s irrelevant, I’m sure you’re perfect
Breaks my heart I’ll never hold you close
Every day I tell myself, “Man, don’t lose hope”
Do anythin’ to bring you back, but I know you won’t
I know you won’t
Can’t escape myself, now I’m clunked inside it
Given all this, my attention has been undivided
Can’t write a song, I’m so uninspired
Givin’ up on this dream, yeah, I done near tried it
Wish I could feel your touch
But all I feel are goosebumps
Feel so helpless
I wish I could do somethin’
Would you have loved dance lessons
Or been a freakish athelete?
You could’ve chose your own path
As long as you were happy I’d have been like “That’s sweet”
If there was any way to bring you back
I would try, but
I’ll see you one day
Till then it’s goodbye