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August Alsina – Lonely

Baby, tell me what’s good
Lately you ain’t been acting like you should
I been caught up lately
Just be careful with your words
All that arguing shit is for the birds, for the birds
You ain’t gotta go crazy
When I call your phone tonight
I better not have to call twice, girl
‘Cause you be playing games I don’t like
That’s the type of shit I don’t like, girl

I don’t like it when I hit you up, you don’t call back
There ain’t no need for all that
Breaking up, just to make up
Tell me when you had enough of this playing that you do, girl
But now you saying that we don’t communicate
Don’t you know communication travel both ways?
We been going through the motions for a few days
I’m so tired of fighting, girl, ain’t you tired of fighting?
Let’s go back to being lovers, baby, tell me how you like it
I can tell that you excited, is it true, girl?
If you think you’re horny now
Call me later on, nigga slide through, girl
I will hit you up so you know what to do, girl
When I call your phone tonight

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