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12 Gifts for an Aquarius That Are So Thoughtful, You’ll Become Best Friends

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The sun has officially entered Aquarius, which means it’s time to celebrate the most eccentric, innovative and fashion-forward zodiac sign of all! If you’re looking for gifts for an Aquarius friend of yours, I’ve got you covered, because not only am I an astrologer, but I love finding someone the perfect present.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac wheel, and during 2023, Aquarius season begins on January 20 and ends on February 18. During this time, you should pull out all the stops celebrating this intellectual and progressive-minded air sign. Aquarius is famous for having the courage to believe in something that goes against the grain. This rebellious and revolutionary zodiac sign is famous for starting trends, not following them! If you’re interested in blowing your Aquarius friend away, you should buy them a present that speaks to their unique flare and cutting-edge taste.

One thing that’s true for every Aquarius is how proud they are of being Aquariuses! This zodiac sign is a healer of humankind and people born under Aquarius are often way ahead of their time. Wowing an Aquarius isn’t easy, but if you want to remind them of their immense power, here are 12 gifts to buy your Aquarius friend:

12 Gifts For an Aquarius

Photo: GLDN.

GLDN Aquarius Constellation Ring

Your Aquarius friend might love a piece of jewelry they can see whenever they look down. If your Aquarius needs a reminder that they’re special, give them this GLDN ring that displays their unique constellation!

GLDN Aquarius Constellation Ring $78 Buy Now


Photo: Homesick.

Homesick Aquarius Candle

Not every Aquarius wants to go out on their birthday! Some would rather stay home and watch movies with a few close friends. If that sounds like your Aquarius, get them this Aquarius candle from Homesick Candles
and light it once you press “play”.

Homesick Aquarius Candle $32.30 (was $38) Buy Now

Photo: Mejuri.

Mejuri Aquarius Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Aquarius is always full of bright ideas, which is why the stars on this Mejuri Aquarius zodiac pendant will help them conjure up even more.

Mejuri Aquarius Zodiac Pendant Necklace $128 Buy Now

Photo: Tilany.

Tilany Aquarius Coffee Mug

Aquarius is always up for exchanging intellectual ideas and conversing over a cup of something hot. This Tilany Aquarius coffee mug
is fancy enough to make Aquarius feel even more confident in the point they’re making.

Tilany Aquarius Coffee Mug $20.99 Buy Now

Photo: Birthdate Co.

Birthdate Co. Aquarius Candle

If your Aquarius really loves to feel special, this Birthdate Co. Aquarius candle
will be a beyond perfect gift. This candle is made with your Aquarius friend’s specific birthday in mind, designing the scent based on its unique astrology.

Birthdate Co. Aquarius Candle $49.99 Buy Now

Photo: Rellery.

Rellery Aquarius Bracelet

Aquarius is a really artistic and creative zodiac sign, which is why this Rellery Aquarius bracelet will highlight all that your friend can create with their hands.

Rellery Aquarius Bracelet $115 Buy Now

Photo: Shoppe Geo.

Shoppe Geo Aquarius Mini Stone Collection

Every Aquarius was born to be powerful, but this Shoppe Geo Aquarius mini stone collection will only enhance their power. After all, these crystals were selected with the Aquarius zodiac sign in mind.

Shoppe Geo Aquarius Mini Stone… $12 Buy Now

Photo: Pink Moon.

Pink Moon Aquarius Moisturizer

Aquarius season takes place in the dead of winter, which is why this Pink Moon Aquarius moisturizer is a perfect gift Not only will it help your bestie avoid dry skin, but absorb more power through the ingredients selected with the air element in mind.

Pink Moon Aquarius Moisturizer $48 Buy Now

Photo: Papier.

Papier Aquarius 2023 Planner

Your Aquarius friend’s solar return encourages them to check in with themselves and set goals for the year ahead! What better a way to help them get the ball rolling than with Papier’s Aquarius 2023 Planner?

Papier Aquarius 2023 Planner $32 Buy Now

Photo: The Crème Shop.

The Crème Shop Energy Essence Mask (Aquarius)

If you know your Aquarius friend is about to get ready for their birthday bash, this Crème Shope Energy Essence Mask
for Aquarius will make their skin glow all night long.

The Crème Shop Energy Essence Mask… $6.95 Buy Now

Photo: Tai Jewelry.

Tai Jewelry Aquarius Zodiac Charm & Pendant Necklace

Aquarius are not always flashy in the way they dress, which is why this Tai Jewelry Aquarius zodiac sign necklace
is the perfect statement all on its own. This will make an understated outfit pop!

Tai Aquarius Charm & Pendant… $65 Buy Now


DECANIT Aquarius Neon Sign Amazon

Aquarius is known for being the “water bearer” in the zodiac, which is why their symbol looks like three waves. This DECANIT Aquarius Neon Sign
from Amazon will remind an Aquarius of their true power to heal the world.

DECANIT Aquarius Neon Sign Amazon $22.90 Buy Now

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